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Teams from four different European countries, all playing a significant role in the transport domain, ticketing solutions and embedded systems sectors both from the production and from the user side, are represented. The expertise needed to carry out successfully each pilot is covered by all partners.

In particular INDRA, the multinational consultancy and technology corporation, is leading the consortium of 15 companies and government bodies which, organized into the four national groups of Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Serbia, will carry out the four pilots to test the developed solutions.

INDRA is also coordinating the Spanish group comprising Banco Santander , the University of Cantabria , Santander City Council and the small technology enterprise TST. The Italian pilot will be conducted by INTECS in association with the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Aleph, GEST and Florence City Council. Centro is leading the British group, in collaboration with Transport and Travel Research (TTR), and DunavNET will carry out the Serbian pilot in association with JGSP "Novi Sad" and the City of Novi Sad council.