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Ayuntamiento de Santander



 The city of Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region in the north of Spain and has a current population of approximately 183,000 inhabitants. The Department of New Technologies belonging to the City Council, consisting of 15 technical staff and 9 foreign technicians, and mainly coordinates the Infrastructure management in data processing and communications, together with deployment and management of networks and communications (voice lines and data transmission, perimeter security, Internet access and e-mail, servers, microcomputers and corporate databases). 

The City Council of Santander has been characterised by its eagerness to provide a more efficient and closer to the citizen city management through the use of new technologies. The City Council has participated in many projects among which may include:

  • Deployment of different technologies on a scale medium to high through the deployment of corporate networks for data transmission, traffic surveillance systems through TV Cameras.
  • Monitoring and management of urban public transport vehicles routes such as buses and taxis using GPS positioning.
  • Successful implementation of the first phase of GIS project involves mapping the road network in the city and part of the catalogue of urban resources.
  • Management of a payment system on public transport through RFID tags and Multilanguage Information System for Blind Persons (SIO) so that through a reader can receive radio signals indicating that a blind person on the bus is providing information about stops.

The City Council also manage the Municipal Urban Transport Service, which includes city buses and bicycles and provides licenses for taxis.
The City Council will contribute to define application scenarios and services specifications. It will also collaborate in the task of determine user needs and characteristics of contexts of use. In general, the main goal of the City Council is to achieve the integration of the services and technologies in the municipal urban transport and facilitate their use to the citizens.

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Website:  www.santander.es