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Banco Santander



Banco Santander is a retail bank based in Spain and present in ten major markets. It is the eurozone’s leading bank and is among the top 15 financial institutions worldwide in terms of market capitalization, with more than €50 billion at the close of 2011. Founded in 1857, Banco Santander manages €1.383 billion in funds for more than 102 million clients through its network of 15,000 offices. With 3.3 million shareholders and 193,000 employees, the bank is the leading financial institution in Spain and Latin America, and holds important positions in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Poland, and the northeastern United States. The main focus of Banco Santander’s sustainability strategy is investment in higher education. Santander Universities is a unique programme in the world articulated through co-operation agreements with more than 990 universities, enabling projects on internationalization, innovation, investigation and transfer of knowledge to be put into effect.

The main activities of the Banco Santander will be focus on the Spanish Pilot although they will collaborate with other pilots. Their business model will be very important to define the interoperability framework in WP2. They will also collaborate in WP3 and WP4 with the adaptation and the deployment of the Spanish pilot. Their business analyses will be very important to evaluate the payment mechanisms in the market and especially in the NFC market (WP5). Banco Santander will participate in the dissemination events of the project and it will provide visibility to the project through their dissemination network that includes participating countries such as Spain and UK.

Contact mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website:  www.bancosantander.es