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GEST is the company established to operate and maintain the first tram line in Florence, line 1, as well as constructing and operating 2 additional lines. GEST is a subsidiary of the RATP Group, the world's fifth largest public transport company operating all modes of collective mobility – bus, metro, trains and trams. It is growing and developing in France and throughout the world, operating in 12 countries (South Africa, Brazil, USA, and India etc.). In GEST the operations and service personnel have been recruited and trained by RATP training officers, who remained onsite with local teams for several months following the launch in order to ensure skills transfer. Service for line 1 began on 14 February 2010; the success of the service is witnessed by the great results in terms of passengers: the line transported almost 13 million of passengers in 2012, 20% more than the original preview.

Following a Customer Satisfaction Research made from the Local Authorities in 2012, the 75% of the interviewed declared to be very satisfied of the service: with a regular service from 5 am to 12.30 pm, the frequency of 3 minutes during rush hours, and an uninterrupted service in occasion of special events (New Year Eve, concerts etc.), the tram improved transportation in the whole Florence urban area. The line 1 connects the very centre of Florence (the last stop is just in front of the mail central station, Santa Maria Novella) to Scandicci, a suburb area near the city, which has had an urban requalification and a growth of economic potential (a very new commercial and residential area projected from the archi-star Rogers).

The Florence tramway network provides 3 interconnected lines within the territory of Florence: the additional lines will connect the city centre with the Airport (line 3) and the Main Hospital (line 2). At the moment the Company is studying the extension of line 3.
GEST will check if the proposed solutions are suitable in terms of management and maintenance charges.
The company brings into the project the well based methodology and knowledge transferred from RATP, adding further experience acquired running tramway line 1: GEST has already faced the problems and needs of an integrated ticketing system.
GEST will contribute bringing the solution projected into a real level: it assures the capability from a company to sustain the costs of such a system, basing its assessments on a very detailed analysis. Moreover GEST can test personally the system, identifying strength and weakness and thus allowing a more realistic implementation of the found solutions.

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Website:  www.gestramvia.it