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Florence Urban Area is the fifth Italian metropolitan area by dimension and complexity; it includes 20 municipalities for quite 1 million inhabitants.
The city of Florence has about 360’000 inhabitants and about 540’000 city users, this mean more than 240’000 daily displacements, 83’000 of these using private cars.
The Florence public transport system has annually about 90 million passengers, thirteen of these by tram.
Florence Municipality has one of the biggest restricted access zones in Italy accessible for authorized people only through 20 electronic gates.
A traffic supervisor has been installed; it brings together information from traffic cameras, traffic lights, tramway control system and in the future more than 50 real time traffic counters. Actually this device is coordinating more than 200 traffic lights that are about 55% of the entire network. Viali di Circonvallazioni are the main thoroughfare of the city, they took the place of old city walls and are all around the historic city centre. Traffic lights system of this important infrastructure has been coordinated through supervisor in order to obtain different green wave speed in accordance with traffic conditions.

Comune di Firenze will give at the project the chance to realize a real scale pilot project taking advantage of its experience on traffic and road network management. There will be the chance to test all the solution on the field eventually integrating the application with the traffic supervisor able to analyze and elaborate real time traffic solutions.
The pilot can involve both the parking network and the restricted access zone.

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