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Centro, the Integrated Transport Authority for the West Midlands, represents the 2.6 million people who live and work in the metropolitan districts of Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Centro takes a lead role in the co-ordinating and development of transport services for over 369 million passenger journeys a year, whilst working closely in partnership with district authorities, bus, rail and Metro operators, and the public and private sector. THE WEST MIDLANDS PA vision is to develop and promote a world-class public transport network for the West Midlands, delivered by a best in class organisation, meeting the challenges of the future by putting the prosperity of our region, the needs of communities and the environment at the heart of all our plans.

The 1985 Transport Act deregulated and privatised bus services across the UK. From that date, Centro was created and assumed a role of co-ordinating the services of all local private bus operators. The Local Transport Act 2008 gave Centro and other PTEs enhanced powers, including the right to rename themselves Integrated Transport Authorities (ITAs). Centro became an ITA in February 2009. The ITA represents the seven District Councils which make up the West Midlands County – Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Each district has representatives on the Authority and there are a total of 27 local councillors who work together to decide upon the policies and financial structure of the organisation.

Centro is a highly customer-focused organisation, one that is fully committed to achieving high standards in the services it provides and giving value for money in return for the finances it receives. It invests in a number of activities designed to improve and enhance the regional transport structure, working towards a fully integrated public transport system offering safe and secure travel. At the same time we are busy planning for the future.

THE WEST MIDLANDS PA operate 12 Bus Stations across the network and provide Travel Information Centres at Coventry, Birmingham New Street and Wolverhampton and work with partners who provide centres at Walsall and West Bromwich. THE WEST MIDLANDS PA work in partnership with operators in the West Midlands (under the Network West Midlands brand) to develop integrated ticketing that meets customers’ needs. Centro also provides a range of concessionary fares for children, the elderly and disabled travellers.
Centro does not operate any buses. However, we do pay for socially necessary services to operate that are not profitable – such as those in the early morning, in the evening or on a Sunday. Centro does not directly operate any of the trains which serve the region. Centro is responsible for promoting and developing Midland Metro, which it owns, but it does not operate any services.

Centro will support partners though our know how in ticketing and information. Centro will be involved in the implementation of the West Midlands pilot (UK Pilot) focusing on delivery of multimodal ticketing through the use of SWIFT Smartphone app and NFC technology. Centro will be supported by TTR and a subcontracting company that will carried out specific adaptation tasks for the West Midlands Pilot.

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Website:  www.centro.org.uk