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JGSP "Novi Sad"



JGSP “Novi Sad” is public transport company whose main activity is the transport of passengers in urban and suburban traffic. JGSP "Novi Sad" is organized by the Decision of the City of Novi Sad 21.12.1989 and has been operating as a public company. Public transport is organized in three main modes of transport: urban, suburban and intercity. JGSP “Novi Sad” has 255 buses and 1261 employees. Number of passengers per day is approximately 250,000 and average number of kilometres is 50,000 per day.

According to the rules of procedure, JGSP “Novi Sad” is a company that has a number of long-term orientation focuses on improving the quality of daily passenger transport in urban, suburban and intercity transportation. The aim of the company is to achieve a level of quality for which the company would be recognized and a model for all companies of the same sector in the country and beyond.
JGSP Novi Sad will be involved in activities related to definition of pilot specification in relation to the end user and technical requirements, inter-operability and deployment issues. Furthermore, JGSP Novi Sad will be involved in the deployment of pilot in Serbia in relation to the public bus transport providing the necessary infrastructure and expertise. Furthermore, related activities focusing on monitoring, data gathering and processing will also be undertaken.

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Website:  www.gspns.co.rs