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City of Novi Sad



Novi Sad is a city on the north of Serbia with close to 400.000 inhabitants, 9.000 companies and 13.500 entrepreneurs. The city is becoming a regional centre of the ICT industry, with a number of high-tech companies supported by the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the Vojvodina ICT Cluster (currently comprising approx. 30 companies with a total of around 1.500 employees) and the Novi Sad Business Incubator (aiding ICT start-ups in the critical first years of their development). City is developing extensive optical infrastructure (currently there are 150 km of optical network), thus establishing itself as the first city in the region with such advanced infrastructure and as the leader in implementation of ICT. This infrastructure is used to enable city-wide connectivity for various organizations as well as to connect video cameras deployed on the streets to support traffic monitoring and increase safety in the city. In addition to this, the City offers a range of services to the citizens via its e-portal.
Novi Sad City Administration comprises of 15 administrations dedicated to specific domains, for example: the City Administration for Utilities (which is in charge of the Novi Sad Energy Agency), City Administration for Environmental Protection, etc. Local Economic Development Office is responsible to apply for IPA and other funds and to implement the approved projects. The Office has experience, technical, human and financial resources for carrying out the EC-financed projects.

City of Novi Sad will mainly be focused on interaction with the citizens and providing support for involvement of public bodies, such as public transport companies whose input is required for the success of the project. Further to that, the city will work on promotion of the project and dissemination of the results.

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Website:  www.novisad.rs