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Interoperable fare management for sustainable urban transport

This project aims to make use of Smart mobility partnerships and demonstration projects (pilots) for sustainable urban transport solutions based on interoperable fare management.
The specific pilots deployed across Europe will demonstrate the benefits of a unified platform that can cope with the payment schemes of a varied range of transport operators. Although some solutions to the interoperability problem already exist, these will be coupled with a Smartphone-based electronic payment service and a personalized trip planning service. As such, this project implements a vision where interoperability is no longer an issue, and cities can provide an electronic fare management system with unparalleled intelligence and functionalities that can be exploited by users and town hall officials alike.

Encouraging Modal Shift and Facilitating Ease of Use

MobiWallet will focus on several impact areas aimed at providing a range of added value benefits by exploiting the most innovative aspects of the technologies available. Information services and multi-modal travel time-calculating software will be included that can provide on-the-spot/on-the-go information and payment services to promote awareness of the availability of alternatives to individual conventional transport. Trip planning services will include a journey planner, booking and journey pricing tools that will enable for a paradigm change in how users make their choices of mode of travel.

MobiWallet for the environment

Indicators of the user's carbon footprint and contribution to CO2 consumption or other environmental metrics will also be prominently displayed in some services to test the impact these can have on increase ridership in more energy efficient travel modes.

Natively Pan-European

MobiWallet services will also include a multilingual interface, designed with the purpose of facilitating the ease of use of the pilot services to as wide an audience as possible. These solutions will of course be supported by protection of privacy and personal data functionalities that will have been developed in parallel with the wider use of information technology tools.

Contribution to standards

Finally, MobiWallet will focus on expanding upon ISO 24014 and EN 15320 standards to not only provide an easier route to a single EU passenger transport market, providing an added value to the service as an enabler of a healthier marketplace for IFM by lowering existing barrier to entry within the market.