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Italian Pilot

Having as focal points the reduction of pollution emissions and the improvement of urban mobility, the Italian pilot aims to deploy a unified payment platform which provides several interoperable transport services.  Due the thousands of tourists and commuters which travel  each day in the cities involved in the project (Pisa and Florence), the Italian Consortium  aims to develop a valuable opportunity to accomplish the objectives described above, in order to increase the efficiency of public transport services in synergy with private transport.

The Consortium of Italian partners is led by INTECS spa (Pisa). The partnership is composed by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-Pisa), the transport company Gestione ed Esercizio del Sistema Tranviario (GEST spa, Florence), the Florence Municipality and the technology SME Aleph srl (Florence). The Consortium has also the support from Azienda per la mobilità spa (PisaMo) which manages the parking services and everything concerning the urban mobility in Pisa),  from the Tuscany Region and from Scandicci City Council.

Italian Pilot Overview

The Italian Consortium aims to propose the SIMIS (Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Integrated System)  platform developed by Intecs.  In order to achieve extreme flexibility and offer a wide range of interoperability transport modes, SIMIS integrates several services such as booking and the purchasing of car parking slot. Beside it, the platform will also allow end-users to plan a route, and will integrate several intermodal travelling services such as tram tickets purchasing, a bike-sharing rental and a car-pooling booking system.

With a strong focus on innovative technologies and stakeholders needs, the SIMIS platform implements a wide range of payment solution developed by all Italian partners involved into the project. Such modes will allow end-users to perform web and smartphone based travel payment modes (i.e. sms, credit/debit card, qr-code). The integrated platform solution proposed by the Italian Consortium will also adopt several forefront technological aspects like the ETSI Machine To Machine standard (M2M), a parking slots detection system and a car-pooling travelling search algorithm. 

Finally, the full Interoperable Fare Management capability with the other European Pilots involved in the Mobiwallet project, will be assured by the adoption of  the ISO 20014 standards and others.


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