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Spanish Pilot

MobiWallet pilot in Santander has come to it's phase of testing in real conditions! If you are interested in joining the trials, you can download the app here and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The principal purpose of the Spanish pilot is to offer a proving and testing ground on which to validate the successful completion of the projects goals. However, the Spanish pilot in the City of Santander can be differentiated by a set of objectives that set it apart from the remaining pilots. The two specific objectives that make the Spanish pilot outstand are:

  • To provide for an Interoperable Fare Management Solution that can cover an entire city, involving up to 5 different modes of transportation (both public and private).
  • To exploit the synergies between contactless payment systems and Smartphone technologies.

The Spanish pilot takes place mostly in the city's Urban Zone, covering this area's transport almost in its entirety, but it also includes some outlying areas, particularly those covered by the Pedreñeras (private ferry) available from the city centre to nearby towns in the metropolitan area.

The Spanish pilot includes INDRA as leader and main technological provider, the Ayuntamiento de Santander  as the end-user provider, the University of Cantabria  as innovation technology provider and end-user support and TST Sistemas  as technological provider too. 

The solution developed by the partners will allow travellers to use their Smartphone to purchase tickets and fulfil payment in transport services, including buses, ferries, taxis and parking. Users have their own virtual wallet, that they can recharge easily from the MobiWallet APP and use their available credit to purchase tickets or pay other transport services. A NFC sticker attached to the mobile phone allows travellers to validate their tickets at buses and ferries, while the same APP can also scan QR codes generated by taxi drivers and parking managers in order to automatically pay for the services provided. The environment developed also includes different Web Services that provide users and operators with a set of services and functionalities, including compensation mechanisms that allow to distribute weekly the credit to the different operators (clearing).


You can find here more information about our developments!