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Through MobiWallet Centro is looking to develop a fares management engine that will support customers in selecting the most appropriate fare for the specific journey needs. This fares engine will then be integrated into both the ‘Swift’ back office infrastructure and the ‘Journey Planner’ to offer a complete public transport mobility solution where a customer can plan a journey in real time, purchase a Swift product from a recommended list and transfer their purchase onto a Swift card using NFC technology through a mobile phone or ITSO technology through remote network readers.  

The fares engine will also have a ‘hindsight’ best ticket ‘push-out’ function that would be used to educate customers on the most suitable travel product that they should have purchased based on journey history for the day, week or month.  Whilst this functionality is for education purposes initially it should seen as significant step towards the delivery of capped fares solution as the requirements needed to deliver this function are extensively the same.  The integrated solution will be delivered through an impressive customer friendly interface suitable for both web and mobile access.