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Aleph, founded in 2008 by a group of young engineers, it fuses different but complementary professional experiences in transportation engineering, from the development of analytical forecasting transport models to public transportation planning for municipalities and regional authorities. Aleph supports, with its consultancy services, different operators: public administrations; public transport companies; university and research institutes; designing and logistics companies. Investments in research and development are a distinctive characteristic of Aleph: our constant collaboration with universities and the national research centre (CNR, Scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa, University of Florence, etc...) is a demonstration. More in details Aleph implements demand, modal choice and dynamic assignment models for different transport systems;

Studies toll policies and their consequences on drivers' habits, manages Local Public Transport plans cooperates with ITS producers for infomobility and R&D of embedded systems for acquisition data in the field of transportation and mobility.

A sector of company is involved in studies and planning of the various transport modes (supporting different operators like public administrations, public transport companies, university and research institutes, designing and logistics companies), making use of modern simulation technologies and data-processing techniques customized according to the purpose and the end user. In the following some activities carried out in this field:

  • Research Project “Technical Efficiency and Safety Expert Operator (Teseo – University of Florence). Development of mathematical models and simulation tools for traffic control, accidents and malfunctions of the control systems;
  • Simulation and analysis of the traffic and circulation situation, both in normal and emergency condition, of the Bridge on the Straits of Messina;
  • MEFIT company: Supporting the elaboration of Khartoum Transport Plan
  • Data collection to support projects on Public Transport and Mobility – ATAF Spa (Florence)

A specific group is involved in research and development of systems for infomobility and more generally for the management of distributed control systems on the territory.


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Website:  www.alephprogetti.com