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The UC activities related to the project will be mainly lead from its Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory group, funded at the beginning of the 90s, at the same time when the Telecommunications Engineering degree was deployed within the University of Cantabria. It is constituted by 2 full professors and 7 associate and assistant professors. Its research activities are currently supported by 20 undergraduate students carrying out their degree thesis within this group and 10 are pursuing their PhDs, and related to wireless IP, network management, mobile networks, advanced data transmission techniques and traffic engineering and Smart Cards. Expertise areas are the following:
1) Protocols and architecture design and implementation for mobile communication networks, gathering a huge experience in routing algorithms and MAC layer behaviour for these different mobile technologies.
2) Context management and context-aware solutions from network to application level, through the implementation of different schemes, based on the provided information, to manage the access to the network
3) Middleware platforms for sensor networks and other mobile technologies, in order to uniform and homogenize the access to subjacent sensor technologies from the upper layers.
4) Internet of Things, including deployment and installation issues, as well as the management of the whole network, the execution of different researching experiments and the provision of several services to the citizens.
5) Contactless communication technologies, such as RFID, NFC, MIFARE and its evolution DESFire, applied to smartcard solutions and NFC-based mobile environments.
The relevance of the research activities of the Group is supported by the intense and successful participation in different research programmes, both with national (CENIT, INNPACTO, PSE) and international public scope (FP5, FP6, FP7), as well as private funding, bringing about the establishment of a number of collaborations with the industry, fostering the university-industry couple, key factor to reach the quality within the R&D/Innovation activities. In this line, UC has collaborated with different financial entities in the deployment of payment and mobile-payments system both using e-Purse mechanisms and EMV credit/debit. Additionally, UC has built up secure solutions for access control, authentication and digital signature, health care, etc., also enabling remote information access using the existing close link between smartcards and mobile phones. One additional parameter which somehow proves the relevance of the research activities within the Group is the participation of its members in different publications, of recognized international prestige, as well as part of Technical Programme Committees, for both conferences and magazines.
UC will play the role of technical leader and coordinator of the Santander Pilot deployments. Its activities will be focus on WP 3 and WP4 to define, adapt and deploy the pilot in Santander. As a Research Centre, UC will lead the analyses and evaluation of the Spanish pilot supported the Spanish partners. UC will also collaborate in WP6 with their technical dissemination experience at national and European level. 

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Website:  https://www.unican.es/