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MobiWallet Final Event



Next Tuesday 27th of September, Santander will host the final event of the project MobiWallet, which main target is to allow integrated payment for any transport mode, public or personal, and the provision of intelligent services to improve mobility, taking advance of the latest ICT advances and Smartphone capabilities.

Co-financed by the EU Innovation and Competitiveness Framework Program (CIP), MobiWallet project is coordinated by Indra, in collaboration with 14 companies and state bodies that are running four national pilot programs in the cities of Santander in Spain (INDRA, Ayuntamiento de Santander, University of Cantabria, Banco Santander, TST),  Florence and Pisa in Italy (INTECS, CNR, Aleph, GEST, Comune di Firenze),  West Midlands region in the United Kingdom (Centro, TTR), and Novi Sad in Serbia (DunavNET, JGSP "Novi Sad"City of Novi Sad). The four pilots have tested a range of systems (NFC; QR codes, augmented reality, SMS) and have covered a variety of transport modes, but all share the same objective, vision and approach. This has ensured that MobiWallet has not only driven progress toward the design of a single and interoperable payment solution for the different modes of transport involved in each pilot program, but also allowed users in one city to buy tickets for transport in another, either via the same application or by providing simple access to apps used by other cities without the need of registering again and even using the credit available in the transport virtual wallet of their city.  Moreover, MobiWallet also offers additional services to make for better mobility and render transport smarter and more sustainable, such as multi-modal route planning, smart fare selection, the use of augmented reality to access transport and real-time information on transport options, parking availability and car sharing opportunities.

During the event the partners will share the projects results and lessons learnt for the future deployment of these systems, including demonstrations of the technologies deployed and being used by hundreds of travellers in the pilot cities.

The complete agenda of the day is available here: www.mobiwallet-project.eu/docs/MobiWallet_Final_Event.pdf

Attendance to the event is free, but registration is mandatory. If you interested, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .